A velt mit kleyne veltelekh . . . The world's made up of many little worlds, and 1010 President Street is only one Brooklyn among millions--no less vital, no less filled with meaning than its many sister-veltelekh. These pages strive to present a comprehensive kaleidoscope of Brooklyns present and past, but they are incomplete without a picture of your Brooklyn.

You are invited to submit that picture--in words or in images--for inclusion among these web pages. Your submission may take the form of a short comment, a personal narrative or memoir, a favorite story or poem (your own or in the public domain), a scanned photo or other image. If it's not iredeemably racist, obscene, or otherwise offensive, I'd be happy to give it a home at this home-away-from-home. This is a noncommercial site and, while images and information provided by for-profit entities are very much welcome (either located at or linked to 1010 President Street), frank bids for business are not.

Please use this form to submit brief comments, e-mail for longer submissions . . .


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