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Dedicated to Bendin, a Jewish city in Ashkenaz which coexisted, for the most part peacefully, with the Polish city of , with which it was coterritorial.

The Bendin Home Page is a gift to the children and children's children of Jewish Bendin, so that they might know that they came from this place: a city just as tangible as the ones they inhabit today. Bendin at its height was closer kin to Brooklyn than to Anatevka, with telephones and trolleys; public schools and politicians; dreams and dangers.

Our purpose, finally, is not as much to memorialize the martyrdom and resistance which marked the end of Bendin (important though that is) as it is to document the vibrant, dynamic, and not wholly uncontradictory life of Jewish Bendin in its prime from the perspective of a thousand years of Ashkenazic history, but a moment ago.

Frydrych Family AlbumLeybish and Tobe, early 1930s

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